How up to date is the current install guide for Docker

I am battling with the docker install.

Should I be using Docker Compose V1 ?

Hi there @wmonline .

You can user docker-compose with version >2.6.

If you give us some more information about your battles, may be we can help.


Hello ; - )

I gave up on the docker install as per documentation. Have deleted the VPS. But if I recall :
“docker-compose” would not run. ( I did try several flavours and versions of OS and docker and docker compose)

“docker compose” (without the dash) would run, but then would in-turn call another script that ran the command with the dash (“docker-compose”) … which I believe is Docker Compose V1… I realise everything is about TaigaNext at the mo… but this has been a very frustrating install experience.

Please confirm that the two links below contain up to date / recently tested information and that the code contained on GitHub is in sync with these instructions:

  1. Install Taiga in Production

  2. Taiga 30min Setup


I can confirm it is up to date and it works. Did you follow this instructions to install docker-compose? Install the Compose standalone | Docker Documentation