I need Help to install Tiaga in virtual machine

Hello Dear
I have ubuntu OS with docker and docker compose las version , I tried to install Taiga with docker via this link Taiga 30min Setup
but not work, I already edit docker-compose.yml and the other files all username and password are same with taiga
I got error username and password not correct, but I am sure 100% is true
if there is Taiga system with ova format please send it to me

Hi @Muhannad_Mekhezen

Sorry, we don’t have any OVA format. We recommend deploy Taiga for a production environment with docker Taiga 30min Setup.

Anyway, it seems like the same problem you explained in this other thread https://community.taiga.io/t/i-cannot-login-after-install-taiga-and-edit-docker-compos/1840.
We will try to solve your problem there.


admin user with out permissions ?
also how can use LDAP with Tiaga via docker ?
GitHub - Monogramm/taiga-contrib-ldap-auth-ext: 🐍 Extended Taiga plugin for LDAP authentication this is not work