Integrating Microsoft Teams

Hi there, I’ve been recently testing a self hosted Taiga docker installation. Everything works perfectly, but I have a problem with the notifications being sent to Microsoft Teams. I got the permissions and send the test, but I get the message:

{“content”: “Summary or Text is required.”}

If I take the Json data request and place it on a postman request, and I manually add a field text: “some text here”, the notification pops up in the Teams channel.

Is there a way to alter the JSON datastructure or to somehow add the text/sumarry field?

Hi @cr90-github

taiga does not have a MS Team integration out of the box. You need to develop one as a new plugin (like taiga-contrib-slack, for example) or use some external service connected to taiga webhooks so that return the event information in “MS Team” specific format.

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Hi @david.barragan , thanks for the reply.

Probably would try option two, since we are discussing some ways to integrate other systems we have with Taiga and probably using the API or webhooks might be more efficient.

I’ve read the slack integration and probably that would be a long(er) option.

Best regards!

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A good choice if you need more integrations.

You are welcome. :slight_smile: