Problem with notifications on email

Hi there!

here is the problem:
i’ve successfully got - " You’ve been Taigatized! " and " You have been added to a project" but cant get no more emails about new tasks, comments etc.

at account that has to get emails notifications turns on at “receive all”

if im leaving project and admin adding me to same project - im getting notification about adding again - " You have been added to a project", but still no more notifications about bugs, statuses etc

p.s. network where it is located has no internet connection only smtp to send mails
(if it hepls)

Hi @Dmitry_Borel

check the logs of your platform, specially for taiga-back and taiga-async (docker compose logs taiga-back taiga-async). It seems that the asynchronous tasks that take care of sending emails are not working.

I hope this can help.

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THnx a lot!!!
problem was because of stoped “taiga-docker-taiga-async-1” container.
it was only stopped container (by idk reason some time ago) all the others containers works well and no errors

Great!!! \o/
You are welcome :slight_smile:

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