No email notification on due date of story

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Thanks in advance for your answer. It is not my first message and I always get help :slight_smile:

The guy in charge of the non profit organization that use the self-hosted Taiga on my computer complained that there were no notification for due date of user story. At first, I thought it was a feature not implemented yet.

However, while working on creating my own docker image of the taiga-front to modify the locale language file to something custom, I noticed in the docker desktop logs the following in async1 task:
2024-06-06 20:47:24 taiga-async-1 | [2024-06-07 00:47:24,972: INFO/Beat] Scheduler: Sending due task send-bulk-emails (taiga.projects.notifications.tasks.send_bulk_email)
2024-06-06 20:47:24 taiga-async-1 | [2024-06-07 00:47:24,978: INFO/MainProcess] Task taiga.projects.notifications.tasks.send_bulk_email[e12ab3fe-09c7-44aa-b632-586ea476448a] received

It seems that there is an event to send email for due date. However, no user of our instance receive emails for due date. Normal (no due date) email is working and everything for sending email seems to be configured properly.

Is it because it is only for task and we want it for user story. Otherwise, is it an misconfiguration on my part of my taiga instance.

Clarification will be helpful.

thanks again

Hi there!

As far as I’m aware there is no notification for due dates.

The logs you share are from a periodic task where all “notification” emails are sent (to prevent sending 1000 emails in case there are a 1000 changes, that task waits until there is no more activity and then sendsthe notifications).

Hope this clarifies it.

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