I am not recieving email notifications

I have notifications set to “All” but am not receiving email notifications of actions taken by other members.

Hi there,

Are you using Taiga SaaS (https://tree.taiga.io) or are you using your own self-hosted instance?

If you are using a self hosted instance, how did you configure your email?

Best regards!

I’m going to assume that it is self-hosted if it means that I do not have to go to your linked page in order to log into our Taiga.

Email is set to “All”.

@dsproducts I understand then that you are neither hosting it yourself, nor using https://tree.taiga.io nor hosting it yourself, but using an instance from a third party.

If that’s the case, I can’t be of much help, without knowing how they have their email configured on their server.

The Taiga system is hosted in the owner’s cloud so I guess that means it is self-hosted.

@dsproducts We can’t help much then, ask the owner to review the email settings, and if they have any issue they can ask here.