Is it acceptable to just append new configuration to the file?

I have configured my Taiga instance using the environment variables contained in the docker-compose.yml and docker-compose-inits.yml files.

Now, I want to install the GitHub - Monogramm/taiga-contrib-ldap-auth-ext: Extended Taiga plugin for LDAP authentication plugin, which requires some custom configuration.

If possible, I’d like to keep what I’ve just configured in the docker-compose files and only add that particular part to a configuration Python file.

My question, therefore: Is it acceptable to just append the new configuration to the file?

It feels like it should work, but I wanted to ask for confirmation before butchering my setup.

Hi @TuringTux

first of all, you need to recompile docker images of taiga-front and taiga-back to add the code of the plugin.

Here is a thread in the old email list about thsi process:

every Dokerfile is in its repository (/docker directory). For example, to add the ldap plugin you need to modify taiga-back and taiga-front Dokerfiles.

taiga-front/docker at main · kaleidos-ventures/taiga-front · GitHub
taiga-back/docker at main · kaleidos-ventures/taiga-back · GitHub

You can download (or clone and download) the repositories, apply your changes and compile the images with, for example:

cd taiga-back/
docker build --no-cache -f docker/Dockerfile -t taigaio/taiga-back-with_ldap:latest .

cd taiga-front/
docker build --no-cache -f docker/Dockerfile -t taigaio/taiga-front-with_ldap:latest .

The interesting part for your purposes is how the contribs packages are installed, with pip on taiga-back and with svn on taiga-front.

In these two directories you will find the files to manage the configuration and how to expose and read the different values from the environment variables.

I hope this information helps you.

About the combinations of the settings from different files, it might work, but I haven’t tested it yet. Only you have to clone the base docker file (it’s here
taiga-back/ at main · kaleidos-ventures/taiga-back · GitHub) apply your changes and follow the steps to map it in the image.

I hope this can help.


Thank’s for your reply. I also fiddled around with it a bit in the meantime and think it should work. Not sure if it is officially recommended to do so though, but if it works, it works :smiley: