Issues running the taiga frontend enviroment locally (without docker)

Hello guys. I’m Luan Menezes, a brazilian computer science and cybersecurity student. I’m very interested in doing my best at providing a pentest + appsec service on taiga app/code. Since it is an open source project I might as well fix all the problems that I find. I’m not particularly experienced and this is suposed to be the first web app I trully attack and fix actual vulnerabilities.

Bur I’m having issues trying to run the project locally, specifically the frontend enviroment. Following the documentation I was able to run the backend and the complete docker environment with no big issues, but just doing what the documentation instructs about the frontend environment I end up with a kind of broken scenario. I’m installing the project in an Ubuntu 22.04.3 WSL2 inside a Windows 11 system.

I Imagine the problems are related to the libs and packages the project is using:

The fist thing that comes to mind is that the karma package is asking for a very old version of node 0.10 wich was released about 9 years ago, is this version the one you guys use in the docker enviroment?

When I try to run the project after this installation step I get this in the terminal:

After going into a browser and loading the localhost:9001 I end up with a blank screen with the taiga icon and name on the tab.

Is there anything you guys can do to help me?

Many thanks and my kind regards.

Hi there!

For the frontend in docker, we use this: taiga-front/docker/Dockerfile at main · taigaio/taiga-front · GitHub. It does not use node at all, just gets a “precompiled” taiga-front.

Last I checked, I used node 16.19.1 to compile it without issues, could work with newer versions but that one works for sure.

Hope this helps!

All right mate, but then how do I do to actualy run the frontend code that is on taiga-front github repository localy?

I’m not very familiar with docker so I don’t particularly know how to develop actual code in the frontend via docker (doesn’t even know if it’s possible), so the only way I know of actualy develop is running the project localy backend and frontend. Can you help me with that?

As I said I can run taiga back and the database perfectly, with sample data and all.

Hi there!

Yeah, I think I did a poor job explaining myself.

I mentioned Docker because you asked if that is the node version we use in the Docker container for Taiga front. We do not use node in the Docker container, just the compiled HTML/CSS/JS.

So, first things first. In the repository for taiga-front, there is a .nvmrc file. That file tells you the node version to use (taiga-front/.nvmrc at main · taigaio/taiga-front · GitHub).

You can find more info on how to compile taiga-front by yourself here: In self-hosted, where should I put the ".scss" file for the theme? - #4 by Charlie

Best regards!