Link issues to one another for tracking

For one of our products, we have a feature (User Story) that is in the testing phase. The QA team has created a few bugs in Taiga for the feature being tested.

Is there an option in Taiga that allows the Bugs to be linked with the User Story? Below are the details of the ask.

  • The QA should be able to add the User Story ID to the bug.
  • The developer of the User Story should be able to see the number of Bugs created/linked against the User Story.

Please inform me if there is any specific configuration needed to achieve this. Linking of bugs/issues to one another is a great way to track things.


There is no way to link issues to user stories at the moment, since Taiga considers both completely independent entities. Said that, I’d like to suggest some workarounds that you might consider:

In case you are using scrum:

  • The QA could create tasks in the User Story with a specific tag.
  • Developers can filter it in the taskboard by the tag, and will only see tasks with that specific tag.

In case you are using kanban:

  • The QA could create tasks in the User Story with a specific prefix.
  • Developers can use the detailed or expanded mode to visually filter the bugs

In case you are using only issues:

  • The QA could create issues and, in the description field, add a link to the story using the # prefix.
  • Developers can search by ID in the issues page to filter issues and see only the issues linked to their stories

Hope it works for you.

Entities relationship is something we are still in the process of shaping for the future version of Taiga (Announcing TaigaNext and much more!) and this workflow or any other you’d like to suggest (#give-feedback) is greatly appreciated.

This is why we moved to OpenProject - Tasks, Epics, Stories should have dependencies. Yes, maybe we can’t use basic Scrum as is

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