New to Taiga what is the difference between an issue and a task?

I see in Projects > Settings > Attributes there is a section for Task Statuses AND Issue Statuses and seeing this simply gave me the question of what is the difference between them in the Taiga system? I have heard somewhere that tasks show up or are made in the User Story but how are Issues and Tasks related to one another and how to use them together?

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  1. Are issues the cards on the Kanban board?
  2. And task are found in the user story?
  3. Assuming 1 (above) is true - do issues show up anywhere else (like in user stories or in epics or anywhere)?
  4. Assuming 2 (above) is true - do tasks show up anywhere else (like in issues or in epics or anywhere)?
  5. What are either of them for / supposed to get you to do / supposed to result in ?

Trying to understand how they work together in the workflow.


Taiga has an issues module that you can activate if necessary.

Once you have this module activated, you will be able to access the place to create and manage issues:

Kanban board cards are stories. In Taiga, tasks are all the little things you need to do to complete a story. You can see them in the kanban in each story

or within the story itself.

If you are using SCRUM, you can manage tasks on your own task board. You can also attach an issue to a sprint if it is related or you plan to address it in that time frame.

This tutorial can help you get the most out of the issues module.

I hope this helps you get started. :wave:


Cool… thanks Miryam!

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