Using the Scrum and Kanban modules

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Taiga, and first of all want to thank everyone who has built Taiga. It’s very nice to have an open-source project management platform.

My situation is I’m trying to use the Scrum and Kanban modules together. I’d like to organize my stories into sprints using the Scrum module, and move the stories using the Kanban view.

The problem is, when I move a story on the kanban board, it doesn’t change the status in the sprint, or apparently even the story itself. When I look in the admin interface, the “Is closed” field is not changed when I drag the story card in the Kanban module. Is this intended, or a bug?

Here, for example, I moved this story from In Progress to Done in Kanban. And it appears as both “OPEN” and “DONE”.

Hi there,
We’re glad you like it! :star_struck:

Although you can use both modules simultaneously, you are pointing to the exact use case that is not optimized.

The open/closed state of a story in scrum correlates to the status of the tasks that form it. That means that if all tasks are closed, the story itself changes to closed. You will notice a change in the format, and it will also be indicated in the upper right corner of the story itself.

story closed
(image from our sample project The pricess bride)

That’s why your story is OPEN even though you have changed it in kanban.

I am not going to lie; We have struggled with this situation on many occasions, and we have plans to improve this with a solution that does not interfere with task management in scrum. But for now, we are focused on creating our new Taiga.

Regardless, I encourage you to create a feature request so you’ll be notified if something changes.