Taiga Diaries 🥾 ⛰️ 2023-08-08 - Expedition Alpha

:sparkles: New features for the :sparkles: New Taiga

This sprint was all about allowing you to solve mistakes.

Reorder statuses

Do you know exactly and from the beginning which statuses you and your team will need FOREVER? If your answer is yes… well… you’re cool, but if it is no, we got you (and you’re cool too!). We have implemented a way to reorder statuses, so if you create a new one, you can place it in a position that makes sense in your workflow.

Mindful of our commitment to accessibility, we have a story in our backlog to do the same using the keyboard, but for now, the only option will be drag and drop. That being said, it works fantastically! Look at this:

Showing how to create a status and drag it into the desired position between other two

Edit comments

What about that silly mistake in a comment? What happens if your cat walks on your keyboard while you’re commenting on something impotfadfjhfajkdjhakj fdakj, Well, don’t worry! Now you can edit your comment to make it right.

a user makes a spelling mistake and edits it

Info about deleted comments

However, if you change your mind about something you’ve written, you can delete the comment altogether. We implemented that functionality in our last sprint, but now we’ve made some changes so everybody can see who deleted the message and when.

a user deletes a comment

That’s all. We have also solved tons of issues. That may surprise you, but sometimes, not a lot but sometimes, we also miss the mark. :wink:


Hi! Great to see the progress that’s being made on Taiga Next. Do you have a rough idea when we’ll be able to start using it?


Thank you. We are thrilled with how it is going!
We will have the alpha version soon, in a few weeks. From then on, you can use it with some restraint (alpha, you know). Also, I would wait until the notifications module is ready. Before that, using it will be a bit awkward unless you are on a solo project.

Cheers! :wave:


Thank you for the reply! This is exciting news… one thing that will change our world is having multiple projects in one sprint which you can manage easily. Is this something you think will happen in TaigaNext?

The new Taiga will have only the Kanban module for a while. The SCRUM module is on our roadmap, but first, we plan to work in different ways to manage multiple projects and the different workflows that different teams/roles have on the same project… It’s a challenge, but we have some ideas about it.

Hi. It’s already few month. Is the alpha version released yet?

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Hi. It’s already few month. Is the alpha version released yet?

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Hi. It’s already months (and a new eve). Is the alpha version released yet?