Announcing the next Taiga and much more!

Last 2021 summer, we announced big changes here at Taiga. “Your beloved open source agile project management platform is on a path to reach a new level in 2022”. Let this be a teaser of what’s to come and what’s the impact that matters in the short term.

For those of you who don’t know it, Taiga was an incubated project born at Kaleidos that deserved proper funding, a company of its own, etc.—a sort of spin-off. This year we did the same with Penpot, an open source design & prototyping tool. So Kaleidos kept its boutique consultancy activity while supporting two spin-offs. That led to a fundamental question: is this really what we want to do? To have a core consultancy business and split up the rest of our focus on our two greatest products?

The answer was a resounding No. So we ditched our past IT consultancy business, repatriated both Taiga and Penpot from their respective Kaleidos subsidiaries and put the whole team behind them. That’s right, the people behind Taiga, the same people behind Penpot, are making the big move towards fully embracing our own open source products as our sole activity and business.

The next Taiga: a massive leap

We got funding, an amazing team and extra motivation —the perfect storm for our much bigger ambitions. We want Taiga and Penpot to become leaders in their space, where open source typically is either absent or lagging way behind. We want digital teams to enjoy their work processes with the right agile and design tools, without having to give up on their freedom to use, adapt and integrate those core tools.

This means that our greatest Taiga release ever, the critically acclaimed Taiga6, will have to give way to something bigger than “just” Taiga7. That’s right, we won’t allow ourselves to call the next Taiga release Taiga7 because we feel it would send the wrong message. It’s not going to be an incremental step, it’s going to be a massive leap.

We’d love to tell you all the details on what’s to come in 2022 and show you what it’s going to look like but you’ll have to wait until the official launch. We’re both keeping key Taiga concepts and rethinking many aspects related to use cases, processes and interactions. Of course, Taiga’s relationship with Penpot will be given much attention. In our efforts to bridge the gap between code and design using lean practices, Taiga and Penpot will represent our heavily opinionated worldview on how teams can better enjoy their collaborative work.

How does this affect you?

Back to present day, how does this affect you? Well, apart from knowing we up the ante and look forward to playing in the major league, not much, actually. We will be able to share progress by the end of the year and we will establish new full-duplex channels with the community and clients around key topics. Also, since the team needs to fully focus on the next Taiga, you should notice that only critical bugs or major performance issues will be dealt with regarding Taiga6, which should be able to keep herself in good shape. After all, we just released it!

As we said above, this is just a mere teaser, but we needed to speak publicly about this. Despite the terrible global situation we’re experiencing, we’re excited that we have given ourselves this amazing opportunity!


The homepage has a link to the forum in reference to TaigaNext but it appears to be broken:

It would link here to this thread if it had the final part of the path


By the way, is it possible to view the roadmap and get a beta release ETA?

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Hi @kxra welcome and thanks for reporting!
The correct link to the forum entry is this Announcing the next Taiga and much more!
We will fix the broken link asap.

Regarding the roadmap, we have almost completed the final version and will be sharing it publicly along with estimated dates soon.

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Hello, Taiga Team!

We love Taiga and are using it to develop our projects for a long time. We really miss a mobile version. Do you have plans to include a full featured mobile app for Taiga Next?

kudos from Brazil


Hi there,

Glad you and your team enjoy Taiga! You should find answers about the mobile app here. Proposal: Mobile App - #2 by pablo.ruiz

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Hi team. I used Taiga 6 years ago and switched to another tool. I remember that I heard about Taiga Next 5-6 years ago and it isn’t released yet?
Do you have any plan for release date since we plan to make another try.

We started developing the new Taiga in the second half of 2021 and announced it in this post in June 2022. We’re still working on it. You can be in the loop of the development here Taiga Next - Taiga Community. We publish a new entry of the Taiga dairies after each sprint. There isn’t an official release date yet.


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You may be interested in this. I developed a new estimation methodology over the years, called Quantified Tasks, and it has recently gained some attention from IEEE Software Engineering Radio, etc.

You may find some rather simple but groundbreaking ideas therein that would make Taiga even better See

As there haven’t been any news for quite some time and no diaries got released since August last year, can we assume Taiga and Taiga Next are dead and the focus lies on PenPot? The repository for Taiga Next on GitHub didn’t see any meaningful activity over the last few months. If Taiga development won’t be continued it would be good to know, so I can remove the tool from our infrastructure and don’t wait for a successor.

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We are thinking of migrating to Taiga. We gave it a quick check and it’s excellent, but we have one question. Is there a way to configure a project with the following structure?

Project → Realese → Sprint → User Story → Task

Could someone help us with this query, if it is possible with the current version or if it could be included in an update?

thank you!

Hi @suntorytimed, check out this announcement Important announcement! Taiga will be run by Taiga Cloud Services

Hi @Creativa_Pixel, unfortunately, that’s not possible. However, you might consider using epics as a workaround. With an epic, you can track the status of related stories.

Definitely sounds like Taiga Next has a very uncertain future if Taiga Cloud Services are just taking on the pre-Next version. Wonder if there will be a roadmap of improvements/additions to that version?

Shame as the UI on Taiga Next is much cleaner and nicer to use IMO.

Hey there @RichardGroves

First of all, thank you for your participation in the community.

We understand your concern about the uncertainty surrounding Taiga Next, especially given that Taiga Cloud Services is only focusing on the previous version.

Right now, we are working on a roadmap of improvements and additions for Taiga 6, the last Taiga published version. We will share more details about it and our plans for the future of Taiga soon.

I hope this info is helpful.


Hi Luis,

Thanks for your message - I look forward to seeing the roadmap.

For our usage we took a punt on the Taiga Next branch anyway - knowing it had had no commits for ~6 months, and was Alpha level. For what we needed it was just enough and a much nicer UI, with a vague hope it would proceed to feature match v6.X at some point.