Important announcement! Taiga will be run by Taiga Cloud Services

We are pleased to announce that as of March 1st 2024, Kaleidos INC Sucursal en España SL (Kaleidos) and Taiga Cloud Services SL (TCS) agreed to make the latter the exclusive service provider of SaaS and supported Taiga self-hosted instances as well as the product development core team.

This formal change comes with almost no practical impact for Taiga users, since TCS has been a Kaleidos development partner for Taiga as well as the official support channel operator for many years. If you could wish for a smooth transition, this would be it!

Other than an upcoming infrastructure migration from AWS to TCS own servers, also located in the European Union, and minimal changes to the Terms of Service to reflect the legal changes, business as usual will be the norm, as it’s actually part of the team who is now taking control of product operations and development. Also, TCS is already increasing its team size to be able to ensure they can roll-out their ambitious plans on new features and further self-host offering!

The reasons behind this decision

Kaleidos is an Open Source company that builds and operates not one but two products; Taiga and Penpot. Both product development and communities are very demanding and so we decided to focus only on one product and find a suitable and exciting partner to inherit the other one. Given the maturity of Taiga (it’s been out there for almost a decade) we decided to devote all our energies and resources to Penpot, instead.

The Taiga community will surely benefit from this move, since we are exchanging our limited bandwidth for a bigger and more capable team that can combine their Taiga expertise with a new perspective based on their infrastructure offering.

Nevertheless, this was a tough decision to make but one that we know will be best for Taiga’s future, which is what ultimately mattered to all of us!

Perhaps a bit of context might help to understand why we couldn’t postpone this any longer. Taiga has always been experiencing sustained growth but you might not be aware of the fact that over the past 6 months the number of active self-hosted instances grew by 30%, SaaS daily signups almost tripled and team invites doubled! All this is wonderful news but demands a single-focus team.

Will there be any licensing changes?

They are not expected since part of the agreement included keeping Taiga under a copyleft license. Taiga backend will remain MPL 2.0 and Taiga frontend will stick to AGPL 3.0.

Will support channels and the community forum experience any disruption?

That would be most unexpected since the team that was running these operations belongs to TCS.

Will new features and services be built or offered?

Yes! TCS plans to offer more flexible self-hosted options for Taiga clients. Expect news very soon!

What happens to TaigaNext (the Taiga revamp project) plans?

Since this was a separate work not related to Taiga 6 improvements, we are discussing future plans for TaigaNext with other stakeholders. If you would be interested in playing a key role as a team, company or foundation, please contact us at We will make a separate announcement by the end of April.

Final comments

We are extremely happy with this decision because it ensures both a smooth transition, with a partner that we truly trust, and a brighter future. It speaks volumes of how we have managed our own community in the past, part of which can now step up to continue building such an amazing open-source agile project management platform.

While, from an external point of view, this change will be quite transparent, it does require some housekeeping work so we ask for a bit of patience during the next few weeks as we finalize the migration of infrastructure, repository management and billing services.


This is great news!
Where is the location of TCS servers?
Many Thanks

TCS servers are located in the EU

Hi, thanks for your reply.
Yes, in the EU, as written in the article: but in which countr(y|ies) exactly?
With regards

@migonzalvar can you add more info here? thanks!
PS: @xavinois the Taiga SaaS platform servers are currently in Ireland but Taiga Cloud Services is planning an infrastructure upgrade that might change the country (in the EU).

@xavinois @pablo.ruiz Hi there!

Sure, TCS servers will be located in Madrid. Once the migration is fully complete, we will add the info to the landing page (just as it is now with the Ireland servers).

Best regards!

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