Important announcement: TaigaNext looking for a new home! Call for applications is open!

After we announced that, moving on, the current Taiga6 project and SaaS offer would be managed and run by Taiga Cloud Services, there was one other major decision to make around the future of TaigaNext, the embryo of a fully revamped Taiga platform.

This is what we said in April as part of the Taiga6 announcement.

Since this was a separate work not related to Taiga 6 improvements, we are discussing future plans for TaigaNext with other stakeholders. If you would be interested in playing a key role as a team, company or foundation, please contact us at We will make a separate announcement by the end of April.

Well, we had to wait a little longer for that separate announcement, sorry for that :sweat_smile:. But basically, we have made the decision to ask for existing organisations (in all shapes and forms) that are excited to lead the development of such a platform to come forward and share their plans with us.

This is what we offer:

  • Our vision for TaigaNext as eloquently expressed here:
  • A beta-ready TaigaNext platform already available for early adopters here
  • Transfer of copyright ownership of TaigaNext repository GitHub - kaleidos-ventures/taiga: Taiga is a free and open-source project management for cross-functional agile teams.
  • Depending on the proposal, some financial support for the first few months.
  • The freedom to depart from the original plan to build a next-gen project management tool.
  • Technical help understanding the project (design, code, backlog). BTW, this is a modern PostgreSQL + Python + Angular software.
  • A high quality, low technical debt piece of software that has gone through major technical challenges already (some really boring ones) to provide an enterprise-ready beautiful multi-workflow KANBAN experience that is ready to become something really big.

What we ask in exchange:

  • A detailed project to further develop TaigaNext honouring key aspects of it such as breakthrough built-in accessibility and extremely polished UX/UI…
  • …backed by a cross-functional team fluent in code and design with experience in overlapping use cases for a tool like TaigaNext…
  • …that has an apetite for a re-branding (or at least a renaming) of the product since we can’t keep the Taiga name and brand for this spin-off…
  • …and commits to an Open Source license backed by the OSI.

What we don’t ask in exchange:

  • Any business model or revenue sharing scheme with us.

We prefer to keep this call for applications as free-form as possible but also as transparent as possible so we encourage anyone really interested to both send an email to discussing plans and reply to this thread for everyone to see (also, feel free to express interest and help from the Community at the same time).

Finally, we see this as a wonderful opportunity to express the beauty of good open source software and their ability to stay relevant and sustainable thanks to a share ownership and zero vendor lock-in model.


Thank you for the update!
What will happen with Taiga 6 development? For how long will it be supported?
And how will Kaleidos remain involved in terms of development for both Taiga 6 and TaigaNext?


We are BIRU (, a small development agency based in Paris, France, specialised in building custom business tools.
We are a cooperative company of 5 people, all being Django and Angular developers and very attached to opensource values.
We have been using Taiga for a long time; one of us has even been a user of the very first release ten years ago!

After discussing this among us, we would very much like to propose to take on the mantle of Taiga Next’s maintainers.

What this would mean for us:

  • Invest what money we have for the kickoff and later find other means of fundings (grants, donation, …) to keep being fully focused on opensource
  • Complete the team with a good product designer, someone that will have enough experience and talent to take on this incredible challenge and that will be passionate about joining us for this adventure (we have some candidates in mind but feel free to reach out to us if you are interested!)
  • Brainstorm for a new name and branding (although some ideas have already popped up ;))

With these, Taiga Next would be worked on by a 6-person team for the foreseeable future.

The very first steps that we would take would be an upgrade to the latest Angular and Django versions. Then getting an alpha out as soon as possible would be our topmost priority.

We would keep the focus on the product being 100% accessible, beautiful, practical and overall awesome and we have lots of ideas about what to develop next.
Of course, there is already an incredible community here and some cool ideas have already been proposed that we would need to study!

We humbly hope to have the opportunity for the trust and support of the community as well as that of Kaleidos.

Of course we want to give a huge thanks to Kaleidos for the amount of work and passion that they have already put into this project, as well as for continuing to bless us with another awesome opensource product.


Hi, @fildefonso,

Taiga 6 will continue to be developed and supported, there are no plans to shut it down. This is a spin-off product, as mentioned in the post, that will not replace the current Taiga.

Best regards!

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Hi Charlie,

Thank you, that is good to know! Ant thank you for all your awesome work!

Best regards!

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