New Year Resolutions!

Hey Everyone! At Taiga we’re very excited to see the dawn of 2023, a very special year for the whole team and our future as an open source product.

I wanted to very briefly comment on what is the status of TaigaNext, code-name for our rewrite of Taiga, what new funding means for Taiga6 SaaS pricing change and remind everyone of what are the strategic decisions we made a bit more than a year ago.

TaigaNext continues to grow in features, maturity and awesomeness. After workspace/project management and onboarding was done, the new KANBAN module is the focus now. While TaigaNext is still very much at pre-alpha stage, every sprint demo (we do 3-week sprints, by the way) makes onlookers wish they could get their hands on asap! Haha, patience! Once the KANBAN module is in good shape, the Issues module will follow! Also, the team believes they are ready to open up the repositories on github very soon. You will see that we keep using the open source MPL 2.0 license for the whole TaigaNext.

We are super excited to share that Kaleidos, the company behind Taiga and Penpot, recently received enough funding to be able to focus on our two open-source products and fully transition to a pure open-source company. This is great news for many reasons but an immediate benefit for everyone will be that our Taiga6 SaaS pricing just got slashed.

We were planning to do this anyway for Taiga6 SaaS organisations that might not be ready to instantly migrate their accounts from our Taiga6 SaaS offer to the future TaigaNext SaaS offer, whenever it became available. We just moved forward that change a bit.

There’s still a paid tier for companies that require extra support but for the majority of you, Taiga6 SaaS will be effectively free. We decided to do this simply because in 2023 Taiga6 won’t be getting much attention other than running a super smooth SaaS service. The new funding comes to ensure that we build an amazing TaigaNext as well as a beautiful integration with Penpot and we felt we could afford not to charge Taiga6 SaaS customers in 2023 and make that anxious wait for TaigaNext a bit sweeter. Paying customers will soon receive an email with instructions to benefit from this new pricing. This doesn’t apply to private Taiga6 instances, there can’t be a pricing slash to something that’s already completely free!

Of course, at some point in the future, we will need to put a new pricing model in place, otherwise, the company wouldn’t be sustainable. We covered some of this already as a FAQ entry for Penpot.

Finally, let me share a few words of what is the motivation behind TaigaNext and why the team is so looking forward to 2023!

The principles that are guiding our product building are four:

  • A much better lean/agile workflow for the industry. At Taiga we feel there has been a bit of innovation stagnation in something so core to how teams navigate uncertainty, commitment, rhythm and waste.
  • A true organisation match. Workspaces, projects, roles and permissions as well as team management and invitation have been completely revamped to make sure any onboarding, regardless of the size and complexity of the organisation, works like a charm.
  • 100% accessible tool. For real. We want to make Taiga the most accessible agile tool ever. We want everyone to feel welcome using a platform that intersects with relevant decision making processes. This will be a guaranteed win for all.
  • Penpot integration. The relationship between design and scope is broken everywhere you look. We want to bridge that gap with natural and seamless bi-directional flows that include project story definitions, progress tracking, issue management and feedback loops.

And of course, you can count on the usual suspects that come bundled with an open source product; Control, privacy and ownership.

So, yeah, 2023 is going to be an amazing year! We’re counting on you!


Is there any expected date for this? Like you mentioned, I’m expecting to be quite a number of people that want to follow the development process of the new iteration.

Hi. We are planning to open the repository within two months. We’ll make an announcement as soon as we have a date, so stay tuned. :slightly_smiling_face: