Some questions about functionality of taiga 6.x and roadmap to taiganext

I’m currently searching for a project management tool. Taiga (6.x) seems to have some cool features, but some points I’m missing, perhaps TaigaNext has some of them included:

  • openapi/swagger is more or less state of the art today when using Rest APIs, just asking if taiga next will use something like this
  • openproject allows deep nesting (a project can have subprojects and this further sub-subprojects). will taiga have similar? As far as I see taiga 6.x “only” allows epic-> story → tasks - in most cases this will be enough, but there may be some special use cases
  • taiga is nice to use on a pc, but I’m missing some kind of responsive design or a PWA where I can store some simple tasks offline and sync back on reconnect. It would be nice to create tasks and add some notes on the go
  • will there be some kind of nextcloud itnegration (openproject has one)? I think this point would be a nice to have, but no high need at first. If there is a good working api, someone may create a sync within the community if there is need for it.

And the most important point:

  • Is there a roadmap (some link?) to TaigaNext? I’m just asking, if I should wait a little bit and directly start with TaigaNext or start with taiga6 and then migrate to taigaNext.


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Hi there @Cyber1000 !

Yes, the new Taiga is using openapi.

Yes, the new Taiga will have some sort of stories dependencies, although it’s not defined yet.

Currently we’re not working on a offline mode; we’re working on responsive from tablet to desktop. On mobile devices we believe there are specific features that could be useful, but again, they are not defined at this moment.

Thanks for the suggestion!

We’re currently working on a public and understandable roadmap; we are as well working on some content to explain what to expect from Taiga6 and the new Taiga. Stay tuned!


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Thanks about your fast answer!

One more: Can I expect a migration path from 6.6 to TaigaNext?


Hi there!

we are planning a migration path from taiga 6.6 to the new Taiga, and we’ll be giving more details as we explain the roadmap.


Thanks again!

I’ve looked into the issues module recently and I think for my use cases a (simple) todo list would be sufficent. The only thing I’m missing is some sort of link to parent/related issues. I’ve read some sort of plan here

Entities relationship is something we are still in the process of shaping for the future version of Taiga

I’m uncertain if this only is ment for kanban/scrum or also for the issues module (or at least I don’t know if there will be a issues module in TaigaNext), just want to strengthen that a simple relationship would be big plus.
Since taigaNext is still in progress, a simple screenshot of taiga 6.6 to show what I mean


Have you considered reaching out to the Taiga support team directly to ask about the availability of the features you mentioned, such as openapi/swagger integration, deep nesting of projects, and responsive design or PWA support?
They may be able to provide information on the roadmap for TaigaNext and whether these features are planned for inclusion in future updates. Additionally, you may want to evaluate other project management tools that may better meet your specific needs and requirements.

@SantanaKaysen Well, this section is named “Help us shape TaigaNext”, so I though this is ment for asking exactly these things (maybe some others have similar questions). Most of my questions have been answered here by @yami, who is a taiga-team-member, so there was no real need to contact the taiga-team directly. There was just a final point (Some questions about functionality of taiga 6.x and roadmap to taiganext - #5 by Cyber1000) where I’m still uncertain.

I evaluated taiga 6.6 and it looked quite good, except for some points which seem to be integrated in taigaNext. But I’m also evaluating other todo/project apps if they better fit my needs.