Taiga Diaries 🍃 2023-05-31 - Please don’t go!

:sparkles: New Taiga Next features

Leave a project from the overview

In previous sprints, we developed the functionality for leaving a project from the members’ settings page. That allowed admins to leave the project. With this new functionality, you can do it from the project overview page even easier. Moreover, it allows members who don’t have access to the settings page to be able to leave the project. Note that you can’t leave a project if you are the only administrator.

A user leaving a project from the overview section and disappearing from the list of members.

Invite to a workspace

Finally! Now you can invite any person to your workspace, whether they are registered in Taiga or not. Don’t worry, we always ask for their consent through an email, asking them to accept the invitation. Please note that any workspace member will be able to view any project on this workspace, so keep that in mind and be careful about whom you invite :wink:

Leave workspace

Same as in projects, you can stop being a member of a workspace. Even if you leave the workspace, you will keep your permissions in any project where you are a member of, but you won’t see the rest of the projects anymore. Of course, unless they are public projects.

A user leaving a workspace from the people's section and being redirected to his homepage with an alert informing them that they are not member anymore

Invite a non-member* to a workspace.

If a user is a member of a project but not a member of the workspace where this project is, this user will appear as a non-member of that workspace in people’s list. With this new feature, you can invite those users straightforward from the non-member’s list. If they accept the invitation, they will become brand-new members of your workspace.

Comment permissions

With this feature, we are preparing our project permissions for our next step: to have a comment system. By now, you will be able to set different permissions for your project members, allowing them to comment (or not) on stories, regardless of whether they can view or edit the stories.

An administrator changing the comment permissions from the members settings page

*Remember that workspace non-members are users who are members of any project in this workspace.