Taiga Diaries 2023-05-10 - Attach images, leave projects, and more 🌱

:sparkles: New Taiga Next features :sparkles:

Attach images in the story description

In the previous Sprint, we implemented the rich text editor in the description of the stories. We use the Open Source TinyMCE editor. In this Sprint, we have added image attachment functionality. Now, you can add images wherever you want to illustrate the description:

  • Add images or gifs
  • Resize the image and align it
  • Assign an alt attribute to the image as a principle of accessibility
  • Drag and drop images from other places
  • Do all of this with keyboard navigation and/or with keyboard shortcuts

adding an image in the wysiwyg editor by drag and drop

Leave a project from the settings page

From the project settings, as long as you have the administrator role and there is more than one administrator assigned to the project, you will be able to leave the project.

Admin user leaving the project where they are admin and being redirected to project overview with an alert message informing them that they are no longer a member of this project

Remove members from the workspace

Now, if you are a Workspace member, you can remove other people from the workspace. These members will still be able to access their projects if they are members of any project of this workspace.

  • You can undo the action in 5 seconds
  • If the user is member of any project in this workspace, they now will appear in the “non-members section”.

removing a user from the workspace members page