Introducing Taiga Diaries

Hi folks! :wave:

We’re excited to share with you the Taiga Diaries. After every sprint demo, we’ll share with you all the awesome features we keep building. That way, you’ll be able to have a sneak peek at how Taiga Next is shaping out.

The Taiga Diaries surely deserve a specific category ”taiga diaries” at our Community space, the team is eager to know your thoughts and comments as we regularly publish them.

All of this will also be available in our Taiga repository, if you prefer that medium.

Now, for the first Taiga Diaries installment we’d have to reconstruct many many sprint demos and so instead we’ll sum up the major feature categories so we can get you up to speed! Get yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this visual info dump!

Platform access

The very first step to access the platform: sign up and log in, both with user/password and some social logins. All of these are accompanied by beautiful emails and the expected (but very useful) way to reset a forgotten password.


Where the magic happens. :sparkles: As Taiga is an agile project management platform, we have put so much effort into offering you a powerful and scalable project. As a project admin, you can invite other users, perform basic user management (change role, remove users), edit permissions for roles, edit project information, etc. You may delete the project as well. As a regular member, you can easily get an overview of all the members of the project.

Preview of the project overview and pages to manage roles and permissions for project members and public users


With a brand new project, you’ll find a dazzling performant kanban, where you can bring stories to life; Create new stories as quickly as you type, assign them to other members and get things done, moving them between different statuses.

Sneak peek of story creation on the kanban, assignment and drag and drop functionality to change story status and priority.


Stories are the heart and soul of lean & agile methodologies. We’ve made them beautiful and extremely useful. As a project member, you can choose different layouts depending on your workflow, edit title, content, assignment and status. If you find a story that doesn’t fit your needs, you can delete it.

Different story layouts and access to the features from there, such as assigning or editing titles and descriptions.


Workspaces are a way to organize your projects whether it’s by organization, theme or any other clustering approach. You can invite people to become workspace members and share with them some of the admin work that comes with project and member management. Although your workspaces are shown on your homepage they also have their own page, so you always have a clear view of the projects and members that belong to it.

Accessing a workspace page and showing how to invite members and create new projects


As we wanted to offer an amazing user experience for teams working together, we’ve placed a lot of emphasis on real-time actions. This way, you can have great control over permissions, which will be applied immediately; you’ll also enjoy the conflict resolution mechanisms in the simultaneous text edition (if you are that kind of person :wink:).


Taiga is for everyone, so we are working hard to bring accessibility capabilities to every feature. You will find accessibility to be a core asset throughout the entire application. The most obvious examples of this huge effort are on the kanban:

Showing how to use the keyboard to access the stories and move them around.

Yes! You can 100% operate the Kanban with the keyboard alone! Use the spacebar to grab a story, then use left and right arrow keys to move it between status, and up and down to move it within the same column.

Moreover, Taiga is extremely screen-reader-friendly. Users can enjoy both contextual and actionable information and have a very smooth experience.

Check out this video where Pablo live-streamed why accessibility matters so much to us but also a hands-on three-part demo where you get to see how powerful Taiga is becoming thanks to built-in accessibility.

I18n (internationalization)

You’ll be able to use Taiga in the language of your choice; And yes, right-to-left languages are supported as well. Currently, we have the platform ready to take on translation efforts so we’ll be able to start accepting community contributions very soon! Stay tuned!

That’s all (for now!). We’ll keep you posted after every new ~3-week sprint, so stick around! :vulcan_salute:


Great to get a glimpse into the future of Taiga. Looks really promising! One question regarding Platform access, will LDAP be supported as well? Right now I am using the LDAP authentication plugin for Taiga 6 and I am pretty sure that many companies want to have Taiga integrated with their existing authentication infrastructure.
And another question regarding the project types, in the gifs you only show Kanban, will there still be a Scrum project type and top-level Epics?

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First of all, welcome to our community! We are thrilled that you like what is going on. :slight_smile:

For now, we’re focusing on creating the best experience around Kanban, so we don’t expect to have other types of projects for a while. Same thing about Epics (or similar).

On your question about LDAP: We will have, for sure, ways to cover this need that a large part of the companies share, being LDAP, SSO, or other authentication technologies. Our objective is to find a solution that covers most options.

In addition to the Taiga Diaries, every three weeks or so, we will soon be sharing our roadmap so that you and other interested people can have a broader idea of our project.

Cheers :wave:


Unfortunate to hear that other project types aren’t in focus right now. Epics and Scrum is what I currently use for almost all my projects. Especially because of the swimlanes for each user story, but also because of following the Scrum methodology. I use Epics for high level requirements and reporting and define the user stories together with the developers, who define the tasks in the planning themselves. With multiple Epics and the splitting of tasks to different team members inside of a user story I could never really utilise the Kanban board.
I hope these modules will be added in the future, as it would be unfortunate to be stuck with Taiga 6 and having to look for an alternative to his awesome toolkit. I have to say that Taiga nailed Scrum and its visualisation (except for some missing features like filtering for custom fields or showing those in the Epics overview).

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We understand, and believe me, it was a tough decision, but we think it’s the right one. Hopefully, the new stuff will make up for the others, at least for the moment. :wink: