Proposal: Duplicate Stories / Tasks

In our projects, it is common to need to repeat stories and/or tasks in different sprints. Currently, this is done manually, story by story; task by task, which is a lot of work and can cause errors. It would be great to have an option like “Duplicate Story” (to duplicate the entire story, including its tasks) and “Duplicate Task”. It would also be interesting to have the option to “Import Story from another project”.


Thank you very much, Bruno. Yes, that makes sense. So we will keep it in mind in future features.


Yo estoy muy de acuerdo con las funciones que propone Bruno. Muchas gracias por tu propuesta

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are there any news on this proposal ? :slight_smile:

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Hey, everyone!

We are working on a fresh new Taiga that has these features on the roadmap, for sure. We are very excited about it, and we think that you will love it.

Unfortunately, as the team is mostly focused on this new Taiga, only critical bugs regarding Taiga6 will be covered. However, we are glad to continue to hear your feedback, as it helps us shape the new Taiga.

If you need to learn more about what is happening, this is the post: Announcing TaigaNext and much more!

Stay tuned!


Dear Ether,

What @Bruno_Souza writes absolutely makes sense. We are using taiga for scrum and Kanban, and some of the US / tasks in a sprint are delegated to specialized teams which have their Kanban boards.

At the moment that means that we have to transfer US/tasks manually. What we would need is
both a transfer and a link functionality.

Sometimes we transfer something into another team and we do not need to work further on it in the original team (and we do not need feedback either).

Most of the time we need a link. So a task is linked into the scrum/kanban board of a different team.
the original team needs a feedback at a certain point in time what has happened.

This happens in any combination (scrum->scrum, scrum->kanban, kanban->scrum, kanban->kanban)
For us this would be a significant feature.

Best regards,