Not loaded ckeditor/ ru.js and memory-locales/ru.js

Good afternoon! memory-locales/ru.js and ckeditor are not loaded correctly in taiga-front-dist. Because of this, it is impossible to leave a comment under a task or post. After analyzing the page code, I discovered that base_href = “/taiga/” is skipped to load these scripts. In nginx I have temporarily added a workaround for this problem, but please look at the source code so that it always works correctly if taiga is a subpath.

Hi @ArcSigov

How are you serving Taiga: with [sub]domain ( or with subpath (


Hi! I use taiga as subpath.

I can reproduce the problem. Apparently it happens when subpath is used and another language other than English (en) is configured, by default or from the user profile.

Selecting English works as expected.

I’ll create a bug to try to fix it.

The workaround would be:

  • or use English as the default language
  • or serve taiga with subdomain instead of subpath

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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OK, thanks for the answer

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