PostGresql 14 compatibility

Hi there,

We are self hosting Taiga on Cloudron. Cloudron have just released an update that uses Postgresql 14. It’s running into an error because Taiga isnt compatible with the newest release of PostGres and only works with version 12. Are you able to update your upstream code to be compatible with version 14?

Hi @Promentum welcome to Taiga Community.

Currently, Taiga is only compatible with max version 12. I’ve created this issue in our tracker to make it compatible with Postgres 14. You can check the status in the link provided.


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Hi @Promentum check this tutorial to help you through the database migration:


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Hi there, I’ve noticed that my Taiga ticket was changed to Ready to Release on 25/5/23. How long can I expect that this will take before the fix is released?

Hi @Promentum !

  • the change is already in stable branch, tag 6.7.0
  • we plan a deployment in our saas this week
  • next step we’ll release the new images with the latest tag

So, soon it’ll be available in all ways we offer Taiga.


Hi Yami,

Thank you for getting back to me!

We can see that Taiga has the version 6.7.0 available, it looks like it’s been made available to Cloudron but there’s no option for us to upgrade from 6.6.2 to 6.7.0. Others have mentioned that the only way is to install a fresh version of Taiga and that fixes it but that seems a huge amount of wasted work in order for us to do this.

This is the current error message we face on Cloudron when trying to update Cloudron

Please could you let me know when this can be addressed as the lack up Cloudron updates is causing us quite an issue now.

Hi @Promentum,

currently we don’t maintain nor officialy support the Cloudron installation; it’s community driven ( :tada: ) and you may want to ask for help in their forum: Taiga | Cloudron Forum

For a regular Taiga installation, this is the recommended migration process.