Privacy in email and name?

Hello there,

I am considering Taiga as a potential project management option for my online team to manage our workload, but there may be concern from some team members to expose certain contact information like name and email (we mainly communicate via Discord to avoid revealing those details).

Two details I’ve noticed so far that I would like to see if it could be hidden:

  1. Full name (though I have found a resolution that we can substitute this section with a fake name, would like to see if we can have the profile icon in Taiga show by default the username rather than their Full name).
  1. Email address (although emails are not listed in the “Team” section in the projects, they do appear in the “Manage members” section in “Settings”. I haven’t currently found a way to hide this information).

Can this be done in Taiga? We are considering the free version at this time.

Hello @Inceptor57

Taiga currently does not offer this possibility. As it is open source, you can modify the taiga code to hide this data. Not only should you do it on the frontend, you should also modify the backend (API) to prevent this data will be exposed. Although it does not appear in the interface, it would be easy to see them from the browser’s development tools by consulting the API calls.

There are some tools like this to hide email addresses that may help.

I hope this can help.


Hello David,

I appreciate the response. How would I begin to modify the code and backend to prevent the display of name/email? Would we need to self-host Taiga to do that or we can do that in the free version?

I’m a tad new to interacting with open-source products so not sure how I would start.

And yes, thank you for the alias option. I did consider using it, but I’m afraid some of our less tech-savvy members will miss this instruction and accidentally reveal their information so something that would forcibly hide this information would be a preferred option.


Open source means, among other things, that you can access the source code of the application and modify it. Therefore, you will have to make the appropriate modifications and install it on your own servers.

Here is the documentation for installation and code repositories.

If when you talk about the free version, you mean You cannot make any changes there.

If you need a degree of anonymity so high that not even the project administrators can know the users’ email. Perhaps new email accounts can be created just to use the platform. Maybe it is the easiest and best way to keep them separate from personal/professional email addresses.

However, some project administrator will need to know the email address in order to invite them to the project.

Best regards.