Story Points for tasks

I want to use the Scrum module, but I need to score tasks, not stories. (Tasks under the story can be done by different people. For this reason, I need to measure on a per-person basis.) As far as I understand, I can only enter story points into stories. Is there a solution for this?

Hi there!

As the name implies, Story Points can only be assigned to User Stories. You can find a fascinating write-up on Story points and estimation methods in Agile here: 5 different methods to estimate in Agile (Part I) (that user creates quite interesting Agile content in general).

That said, what is your use case, if I may ask? Just to be clear, since asking for points on a per-person basis sounds like you are using it more like a scoring/gamification tool instead of an estimation tool. Is that the case?

Best regards!