Taiga's mailing list is now closed

You may know that we recently closed our mailing list on google groups. The intention is to channel all technical queries and questions you may have about Taiga here, on our new Community space, where your questions can be answered by the Community as well as by the Taiga team.

How can you continue writing your queries? Sign up here and simply go to any of the current categories: Troubleshooting, FAQ, Events and Announcements or Learn Taiga basics and search for what you’re looking for. If you don’t find any answers (possibly you won’t because the community is pretty new) then throw your question in any of these categories and shortly your query will be answered by any other member of the community or anyone from the Taiga team.

Are we deleting the existing content within the mailing list? We will keep this mailing list archived so Internet searches can still help you find whatever has been answered previously by someone else. However, you won’t be able to send any more emails to the mailing list any longer.

We hope you find this space more comfortable to use and find answers to your questions.

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