Team member limit?

Hello, my team has about 50 people. I started to use Taiga for project management today.
When I increased the number of team members, I found that when the number of team members increased to about 13, other colleagues entered the tool interface after clicking the email link to invite them, when they enter the system, an empty page is displayed. I wonder whether there are personnel restrictions on adding team members? How can I solve it?

Hi @wenjie0217

It is not clear to me if you are using our SaaS ( or an on-premises instance, installed in your organization.

For the first case, there are currently no limits (for number of projects or members). You can have as many projects as you want with as many members as you want. In the second case, by default there are no limits configured too but administrators of the instance may have configured one.

However, the limits would affect only when admins send invites (the button to send invitations would disappear), limits will never affect an invitation that has already been sent. Therefore, the error that you mention of a blank screen is not due to this.

There may be some browser plugin that interferes with the application or, if it is an on-premises instance, there may be a misconfiguration that causes the urls in emails to be malformed.

I hope this can help.

Best regards