Test plan and test cases

Is there a test plan and test cases managing and creating feature in taiga? I get mixed info from the web and cant find it on my projects.

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I am extremely curious about this as well. To have a good ALM you would need a way to track stories to test cases and requirements. Is Taiga able to provide this kind of end to end traceability?

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Hi, both of you, and welcome to our community, Daniel!

The entity “test case” doesn’t exist per se in Taiga.

However, you can use other entities, for example “task” (as the entity under “story”), to recreate some of their typical structures.

Go to settings>attributes and customize the template. You can add statuses, tags and whatever other fields you need with custom fields.

If you do not intend to use issues, consider this option as well.

I hope this help. Cheers!