User Story and Tasks activities missing in Taiga Front 6.7.4

After upgrading to Taiga Front 6.7.4, the activities in User Stories and Tasks disappeared! Without it, we don’t know what changed and who changed what, which is essential in auditing the development process and very helpful when we need to “roll back” something and recover some previous information.
Did it just change its location, or is it removed altogether?

If some change is made and the story is saved, the activities link magically reappears!
A bug, perhaps?
Version: Taiga 6.7.6

Thanks @Bruno_Souza, the issue has been fixed in the repository. As a workaround, you should see the activity if you create a comment in the story/task.

@Bruno_Souza, and now there’s a new docker image (6.7.7) with this fix.

Help we have this issue too, this completly stops all development! Please ROLL BACK!

@Chris_Verhoef, the bug was fixed two weeks ago.