Why is my project blocked on taiga.io?

We are sorry to hear that. The most probable reason any project would be blocked is because the owner of that project did not subscribe in time to an appropriate paid plan. The project hasn’t been deleted at all, it is simply not accessible for the time being.

Taiga.io does not immediately block projects upon unsuccessful payment, it will continue to attempt the payment three more times during the subsequent 5 days after the first failed attempt. Taiga will also send an email for every unsuccessful payment attempt but the only recipient of those emails is the project owner.

If you are not the project’s owner, we suggest you contact them. Please tell them to follow the instructions on Taiga.io to subscribe to a paid plan. Your project will immediately be available again.

If you are the project owner and you receive one of such emails, proceed to change the debit/credit card details as an invalid or expired debit/credit card is number #1 reason for a failed payment. Updating the debit/credit card details with a valid one before the projects get blocked should automatically prevent the blocking process. If the projects are already blocked, entering valid debit/credit card details immediately restores the account status and allow projects to be accessible again. You can simply go to youruser settings subscription settings. If you encounter any problem simply contact support@taiga.io and we will give you instructions to follow so you can subscribe to a paid plan.