WordPress Integration without Zapier or other Third Party Apps

Hi! I am looking to integrate Taiga with my WordPress Website, but I am unsure of what steps to follow. I don’t want to use Zapier. Will I have to build my own Backend, if so I only know Node.js, not PHP. I am a beginner in WordPress so I would appreciate any help

Hi @Salman_Shahid welcome to our community.

There are different ways of integrating Taiga; the good news is that thanks to the public API you can test it and do your own fine tunning.

To build your own integration, you may want to test it locally first. For this, I would recommend:

A word of advice: Integrations of different tools (no matter how big or small they are) usually are time-consuming, because you have to learn two systems. Be patient and try to learn them separetly and then continue to the integration.

Finally, if you get to some scenario of integration that you’d like to share, we’ll be glad if you write a post explaining the process in this forum so other users may enjoy and try themselves.


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