Automatic ticket assignment to swimlane

Swimlanes are great to visualy organize the Kanban Board, as board have two dimensions.
But it would be great that they could be populateted automatically.
To achieve this, a swimlane could be associated :
-to one or more EPIC
-to one or more user story
-to one or more tag
-any other object ?

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Hi @rgl_apbm

We’ll think about this for future features. Thanks for your suggestion!


This would be especially helpful when the Scrum module is missing in the first release, as this is currently one of the biggest reason I use the Scrum module instead of Kanban (apart of following Scrum Sprints of course).

I would also love to see this - it would be great to have an epic assigned to a swim lane, as it’s an easy way to visualize the different workloads.