Can not create super user on Amazon EC2 hosting


I just install Taiga in last version with following this doc on a Amazon Ec2 hosting:
=> Taiga 30min Setup

More info on the os on it:
uname -m => aarch64

I have installed docker and docker compose in last version (20.10.25) just today and git to checkout taiga repo.

Seems ok to play the first command to launch all the docker containers:

[ec2-user@ip-XXX-XX-XXX-XXX taiga-docker]$ ./
+ exec docker compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.penpot.yml up -d
[+] Running 14/14
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-taiga-events-rabbitmq-1  Running                                                                                           0.0s 
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-taiga-events-1           Started                                                                                           0.0s 
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-taiga-db-1               Healthy                                                                                           0.0s 
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-taiga-front-1            Started                                                                                           0.0s 
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-penpot-exporter-1        Running                                                                                           0.0s 
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-penpot-postgres-1        Running                                                                                           0.0s 
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-penpot-redis-1           Running                                                                                           0.0s 
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-penpot-backend-1         Running                                                                                           0.0s 
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-penpot-frontend-1        Running                                                                                           0.0s 
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-taiga-protected-1        Started                                                                                           0.0s 
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-taiga-async-rabbitmq-1   Running                                                                                           0.0s 
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-taiga-back-1             Started                                                                                           0.0s 
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-taiga-gateway-1          Started                                                                                           0.0s 
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-taiga-async-1            Started                                                                                           0.0s 

I can access it with a ssh command to forward the port and localhost on my computer
=> http://localhost:9001/#/auth/login

But problem is for the second command to create superuser

[ec2-user@ip-XXX-XX-XXX-XXX taiga-docker]$ ./ createsuperuser
+ exec docker compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose-inits.yml run --rm taiga-manage createsuperuser
WARN[0000] Found orphan containers ([taiga-docker-penpot-frontend-1 taiga-docker-penpot-backend-1 taiga-docker-penpot-redis-1 taiga-docker-penpot-postgres-1 taiga-docker-penpot-exporter-1]) for this project. If you removed or renamed this service in your compose file, you can run this command with the --remove-orphans flag to clean it up. 
[+] Creating 1/0
 ✔ Container taiga-docker-taiga-db-1  Running                                                                                                        0.0s 
exec /opt/venv/bin/python: exec format error

Have you an idea what can be this problem?

Thanks for help

Hi @Dreamer

Welcome to our community!

Amazon Ec2 hosting run on ARM64 and our docker images are built on AMD64. This may be the problem.
You can either rebuild the docker images or use the installation guide from source code.


Hello thanks for answer.

So seems from source to work only with Ubuntu 20.04 lts, or 22.04 lts too?

Actually I have a Amazon Linux 2 (based on Red hat with yum command), but I can probably switch it to Ubuntu.

Have you info if Taiga work on Ubuntu 22.04 lts perhaps?

Hi @Dreamer

Taiga runs with the latest version of Python (Python >= 3.8, < 3.12) and PostgreSQL, so I think it should work with Ubuntu 22.04 lts too, ​​but we haven’t checked that.