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First post here, so bear with me please :grinning:
I must start with a big big thank you all for putting together such a great tool. Well done!
I am responsible for an internal ERP development group in a large organization and am evaluating Taiga to support us.
We have ~20 developers spread out in 3 different countries. We deliver on 5 different “tracks” (open ended epics if you will). Our sprints are 1 month long and we deliver on all tracks every month using the same developer pool.
Since we have way more demands than capacity, we need to somehow manage the pipeline. We collect demands throughout the month. By the 25th ish of each month we sit together, agree on effort estimation for each demand, prioritize them (by value added ) and allocate them in upcoming sprints (so we can tell whoever is demanding when it can be done).
The issue
In order to allocate demands in upcoming sprints, I need to know what my capacity will be in that particular period. Since we are spread in different countries, we have different holidays. There is also planned vacations, parental leaves, mandatory trainings, etc, etc…

How would you tell Taiga that e.g. developer-12 will work 13 days in November 2024 instead of 21 days? Or that my total capacity in December 2024 will be 180 man days instead of 240?

Of course it can be done outside Taiga, but that is not convenient.
I thought about having custom fields for users + a user report url, but that is far from elegant.

I know it is not a pure agile approach to things, but well… that is how far we can go considering the environment around us.

Any ideas?

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First of all, welcome to our community, and thank you for considering us.
I’ve been thinking about your problem for a while, and I don’t think there is a solution in Taiga for it. Taiga has no way to keep track of hours, so there is no way to summarize what is available.

You estimate the work by value, but even if you do it by hours, there is no way to customize the month-by-month burndown graph.

Sorry, I don’t think there is a workaround for you. :face_exhaling:

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Thanks for the answer.


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