Centralized location to manage projects

Hi all
wanted to understand more about this little things: why cant it be a centralized location where you mange all your project configuration fields and workflows (saw that in many products other than Jira)

would be nice you shed some info here

Hi @Nadiav thanks for reaching out with your question.

Taiga6 is all for customization. Each project may have its own specifics and you are not bound to general configurations, you may adapt each project to changing needs.

That said, you have some ways of reusing content, so you may have some general configurations that you’d like to replicate. Here are some options:

  1. if you’re using the SAAS version (https://tree.taiga.io), you can create a “Project Template” and customize it as much as you want; then, when you create a project you can “duplicate” it, using its modules, statuses, custom fields, even members.

  2. If you’re using an on-premise instance, you may go to project templates section in the Django admin; you’ll find two templates, one for kanban and one for scrum. It’s a json format that you can modify (just be careful with the commas as they are tricky!), and from this point, when you create a new project, you’ll be using these new settings.

Hope this helps!

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