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After using Taiga for some months, I was wondering if we where missing some option to create projects “as a company” and have the team members linked to the company, instead of having to invite each individual to each project.
According to what I found and the documentation, I see that this is not currently a feature, so I wanted to give some feedback in this space.

We’re a small cooperative developing web apps, and for the way we work, the chances that every person in the team is going to eventually be required to do a task for every existing project, are really high.

Not only this but for transparency, we prefer that everyone can access all of our projects.

The ideal scenario for us would be a space in which we manage “the company”, and we set up all the team members.
Then, we would create projects “owned” by this company, and this will give the team members access to this, and every other project under the company profile.

Having this, when a new member joins the team, as well as if someone leave, we’ll only need to add or remove a person from the company profile instead of having to go through every existing project to update the change.

Now browsing the documentation I’ve seen that Zapier integration that might be a way for us to workaround this… is this something that could be done using zapier?

Many thanks in advance and congratulations for the great job, looking forward for TaigaNext!


Hello, and welcome to our community! We love meeting people who are using Taiga.

As you have correctly indicated, there is currently no such thing as a “company” per se in Taiga. However, our Taiga next will introduce a similar concept and we hope that the solution we propose addresses this need.

As for Zapier, we’ve noticed it’s been malfunctioning, so I’m not sure it will work properly, but I suspect it won’t.

Thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate it. :wave:

Thanks for answering!

Great, looking forward even more for Taiga Next =)


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