Change Notification Email Templates (Docker-Installation)

Hi all!

I would like to change the subject for email notifications in a Docker installation. When making changes to the tasks in user stories, I would like the name of the user story to be included in the email so that you know what it is about from the subject.

User story “Lorem Ipsum” has a task with the name “Do this or that”. When a change is made in this task, a notification email is sent out in which only the name of the task is mentioned in the email subject and body, but not the name of the superordinate user story.

The template for the subject title is apparently located under taiga-back/taiga/projects/notifications/templates/emails/tasks/task-change-subject.jinja. A direct change in the Docker container in this file apparently has no effect.

So how can you customize the notifications?

Alright, some success . instead of editing the .jinja file directly in the container, I just mounted it via docker-compose and now it seems to apply the changes. For now only static text changes, until I figure out how to get the userstory reference from within the task template (if thats even accessible there)

Ok, found a solution - overwriting the jinja template as well as the (in the notifications folder) let me pull the userstory title, add it to the template context and display it in the email subject. Seems to work fine…there are probably better ways, but this will do it for now.

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