Custom Zoom levels in Kanban?


is there any way to customize which properties of the user story are visible in each zoom level in Kanban view of our ptoject?
(either “globally” on project level, or at least individually on user level)

The 4 default zoom levels are kind of insufficient/counterintuitive for our use-case.
For example the Assigned user is present from the first level (Compact), and in our reality, that is one of the last things that is of interest to us… Even the name of the User story is shown later than the assigned user.

On the other hand, tags (not just the colors, but the actual tag strings) which are important for us, are visible only in the last (Expanded) zoom level, but this level loads also the pictures, which may clutter the screen.

For example, I would like to set for our project these zoom levels with:
(Compact): Number and Subject
(Basic): Number and Subject; tags; number of comment and attachments
(Expanded): can be the same as it is now

Is this kind of customization somehow possible, or will it be possible in the future?
Thank you

Hi @martinpanda

I’m sorry but there is currently no easy way to customize zoom on the taksboard and kandan. It’s something you should implement, modifying the current frontend code to suit your needs.

I find it an interesting feature.

A workaround could be to use a browser extension to remove those elements that you are not interested to see in the more detailed zoom.

Best regards

Hi David,
thank you for your quick response!

yeah, I’ve thought about the workaround with some browser extension (e.g. I use Stylish with custom styles on some sites, I could definitely use that to hide the Assigned User and Picture from the Expanded view).
Although it would not be practical to do it for all users on our project (not all of them are that tech-savvy), that’s why I was checking for some “project-wide setting”.

Anyway, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

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