Display More Detail Kanban Card

I want each kanban card to display much more information.
How to display whole markdown description on kanban card?
How to display things like:

  1. numbered lists
  2. dotted lists
  3. checkbox
  4. urls
  5. due date
  6. images
  7. included files

The more detailed zoom level for cards is “expanded”.
Screenshot from 2023-11-06 13-41-22
At that level, you can see:

  • tags
  • epics the story belongs to
  • people assigned to the story
  • estimated points
  • due date (the color of the clock indicates how close this date is, or it is already due, and if you hover over the clock, it gives you the exact date)
  • how many attachments it has
  • a gallery with a preview of the attachments that are images
  • and a list of tasks, indicating which ones are finished.

Some of them are what you ask for, but there is no way to show the description on the card.


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