Can cards/stories be color coded?

I am trying to find a good tool for implementing the Kanban concepts described in “Making Work Visible” and color-coding the entire card (not just a tag within the card) is a big part of being able to answer questions about workflow when glancing up at the board.

I realize this may not be needed in traditional project management, but was wondering if this was something I could do in Taiga.

The goal is to be able to glance at the board in its most compact form on an always-on TV on the wall and quickly determine where most of our time is going (i.e. unplanned urgent, important planned, improvement projects, business projects, etc.) based on the percentage of the screen covered by each color.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

It is not possible as of now. You could probably use some browser extension that allows you to execute userscripts (for example, Tampermonkey), and create your own Javascript snippet to get the background-color of the tag (which has the css class card-tag and appears on the third zoom level) and then apply it to the entire card.

Of course, a card can have multiple tags with different colors. All the cards are inside the card-tags css class, so you would need to either grab the first or choose which one you want some other way.

Hope this helps!