Display of checkbox in description field


We are using Taiga since almost 2 years, and thanks for the tool, it is very helpful for the project management.

I have two issues regarding Taiga:

  • Inside a user story, we used checkbox to list all acceptance criteria, but when we use checkbox with tabulation, then once the description is saved, all the format is broken which makes the description not readable. Did you face the issue ? Did you plan to fix it ?

  • The second issue is inside an epic, the comma is not well interpretaed in the name of the stories listed in the epic. Instead of the comma, I got ' I do not face this issue in other views.

Thanks for the help and the reply.

Hi @aleurent33

First of all, thanks for your contribution!

We already have the first issue on our radar, but I can’t reproduce the second one.

Could you give me more details please?



Perfect for the first one.
Sorry for the second, I made a mistake, it is not the coma but the single quote caracter:


I hope you will be able to reproduce it.


Hi @aleurent33

Yes, I can reproduce this one. Thanks for your contribution!

Have a nice day!