Docker Container Taiga-Back not translate

I’m using the latest docker version of Taiga and I’m having problems translating Taiga-Back to pt-br.
In the container there is only the django.po file, but it doesn’t have the translations I need.
How do I edit?
In Taiga-Front it was via json file. How can I do it in the Taiga-Back container?

Hi @Fvcosta2011

I’m not sure I understand your issue, so I’m giving you some context about translations in Taiga.

Taiga is translated in weblate: Taiga @ Hosted Weblate thanks to the community. We add these translations periodically to the code base and release the new translations (in stable branch or in the official image).

If a translation is wrong, you may want to fix it from the source in weblate, and it’ll go through the pipeline.

If you want your own translations, you may want to:

  • download source code of taiga-back and edit the .po files
  • compile your own docker image (using the official Dockerfile you can see there is a compilemessages command)
  • use this image within your docker-file.yml


Hi! Thanks for the feedback!
Docker didn’t have the po file, just the mo.
We solved it by downloading the development environment and compiling the traditional project’s po file, then replacing it in docker.
We had problems following the steps in the dev environment requirements manual due to the python version, but we managed to overcome it.


Hello @yami !

I work with @Fvcosta2011.

Acctually, things did no go as expected. Do I need to compile a new docker image? I just compiled .po message file and then pushed .mo file to a running container and restarted it.

It is better to follow the instructions provided by @yami : download source code of taiga-back, edit the .po files, compile your own docker image and use that image within your docker-compose.yml

Following these instructions (compiling a new docker image that would compile the .po file) is better than compiling the .po file and then use it in a running container.

Also remember these instructions is to provide your own translation. If you just want to finish the portuguese version you should go to hosted Taiga weblate to provide the translation to everybody.

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Thank you @Pablohn26 ! I’ll follow those instructions. For now I’ll compile the image, but then also help translating.