[Feature Request] Allow for Google Login

Would be very nice to have built-in support for Google Login / Google Accounts out of the box, similar to WikiJS, Taiga Community, etc.

Do not want to create manual accounts for each user, nor do I want to configure an LDAP plugin if it can be avoided.

Google auth is a very widely supported authentication mechanism and is very useful for teams using Google Workspace to setup accounts within Taiga and keep things centrally managed via Google accounts.


Did some research in the repository and see this feature may already exist?

Is there a reason why it’s in the source code but not listed in the documentation or shows up in the latest version’s interface?

Is there some way to enable this? Would be very helpful.


Hi @asher1650

The code you are sharing is from taiga-next. The taiga 6.x repositories are:

taiga-next is in an early alpha version, is not documented yet and it doesn’t have the same functionalities that taiga6 offers.

Best regards