How to tag all project members at once


This me sound like a silly question but I honestly cant find it and I’m nog very good with IT. I have just migrated from Trello to Taiga and added all my team members to a Kanban project.
Now, I’m used to being able to tag all team members at once on Trello with an @board mention. How can I do this with all members in one project in Taiga? I have found how I can tag each member individually, but not all members ar once. Or, alternatively, how can I tag all productowners at once, if tagging all members isn’t possible.

Thanks very much!

Hi there!

None of those options are possible as of now.

Best regards!

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for answering my question! Too bad that is is not possible, we use this functionality a lot! Maybe a good future plan :smiley: