I cannot login after install Taiga and edit docker compos

Hi @Muhannad_Mekhezen and welcome to the community!

That screenshot doesn’t neccesarily means you’re facing an error. It can be a simple mismatch of user login/password according to the users in the database.

I guess you’ve followed the docker installation, so you have the option to create another superuser with ./taiga-manage.sh createsuperuser and try to log in again.

You also have the option to click in “Forgot it”, in your login screenshot, and enter a known email to reset the old user’s password. You should receive an email if you’ve set up EMAIL_BACKEND=smtp, or review the email directly in the console with $ docker logs taiga-docker-taiga-back-1if you’ve set up EMAIL_BACKEND=console in the .env file.

Last option is to allow new users to register by adding the variables PUBLIC_REGISTER_ENABLED to both taiga-front and taiga-back services.

    image: taigaio/taiga-front:latest
      # ...your customizations go here

We hope it serves!