Internal Links to other Wiki pages

we recently migrated to Taiga 6.
We now face the problem, that the Links to other Taiga pages are not working anymore.
The Links where in markdown like this:


If we use the full url for the link it is working fine.

Does the syntax for internal links changed?
And is it possible to tell taiga to open links not in new tab/window?

Thanks for your help.

Greetings Daniel

Hi @Daniel86,
This seems to be a bug in the editor markdown. On the other hand, the markdown version does not allow specifying the target property. Unfortunately, we are only solving critical bugs on Taiga 6 because we are focused on the development of Taiga Next.

Currently, the links work only with the full URL, or, if you are on a wiki page and want to link internal pages, you can use this format:

An [[example-one]] or [[example-two|Example 2]] of wiki links.


Thank you for your answer!