Is TaigaNext fully ready to self host Taiga?

We are self hosting Taiga for our organization and confused between different guides available and repositories(taiga-docker - that uses taiga-front and taiga-back alongside other services and taigaio/taiga that I believe is TaigaNext).

We initially set it up using 30 mins guide but found out that google auth is not built in. While exploring how we can add google auth, we found some built in code in taigaio/taiga, upon hosting this code, google auth worked but it lacks a lot of other functionalities like Scrum, Wiki.

My question is, if taigaio/taiga which I assume is TaigaNext fully ready to self host? Or is it still recommended to self host Taiga6 using the 30 min guide?


hi @ahmedfaraz welcome to our community.

Currently is still recommended to install Taiga6 following the 30 minute guide.


Thanks @yami for the quick response.
A separate question, do we have a guide that lists all of the implemented features in next taiga so far?

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