Is there a way to specify a specific project in a commit message?

I have two projects: FoamFactory and Aegir. My repository is a monorepo, so the git hooks are attached to both projects. That is, whenever I specify in a commit message something like:

TG-142 #done

It will move TG-142 to the “done” state. This is working as expected.

However, one issue I have is that because the project name isn’t specified in the commit message, it will move both FoamFactory#142 and Aegir#142 (assuming they both exist) to the DONE state. What I’d really like is to be able to specify a project in the commit message, something like:

AG-142 #done

And have it only move the Aegir ticket to the DONE state. Is this possible? I am using Taiga 6.0.1, so perhaps it’s time to update to a newer version?