Change taiga project url


Ive created taiga project with user_1 and then assigned it to user_2 but project web url continue to have “user_1”.
How can I change that? Can I change url at all?

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Hi @andrei.p

Changing the “slug” of a project is not a trivial task because it affects the activity and the timelines of the project and its members. The “slug” is the project identifier in the platform.

However, there is a command to make the change safely, maintaining the integrity of the data on the platform.

If you are using the docker setup run

./ change_project_slug <old_slug> <new_slug>

if you setup Taiga from source code

python ./ change_project_slug <old_slug> <new_slug>

For example, if we have http://localhost:9000/project/user1-project-1/kanban and we want to have http://localhost:9000/project/mytestproject/kanban we should execute the command

./ change_project_slug user1-project-1 mytestproject

I hope this can help



oh, but what if Im using
should I write admins?

Yes, write to