JIRA integration - URL format

Hello we are trying to integrate our JIRA projects into Taiga, unfortunately we are still getting same response - URL format seems to be invalid. We are running on JIRA Cloud - is there any format how to write URL for JIRA?
Every URL we tried did not work.

Thank you

Hi @simekjan44

can you share an example url. And explain the process you are following to set up the integration?

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Hello @david.barragan

when i get into this screen:

I have tried to put in below mentioned URLs, but unfortunately the system always says the same:

I have tried to add picture, but as I am new member it wont let me.

Now I am not sure which format of URL to put in as it does not work.

Thank you

To import a project from jira, you have to use the url of the Jira’s server.

Here are the instructions to setup the jira importer in your Taiga on-premise instance Taiga: Importers

There is a disclaimer about the importer:

Important notice about Jira releases and Taiga compatibility

    Taiga support Jira releases up to 8.3.5. It has been tested and should work out of the box.
    Taiga might support Jira releases from 8.3.5 to 8.5.x. Most probably it works.
    Taiga does not support Jira releases from 8.6.

I hope this can help

Hello @david.barragan this is all good, but the problem is, that we are having JIRA Cloud and not Server.

I cannot just mess with the settings as it is all locked due to JIRA Cloud.

Is there any workaround?

Thank you


Well, I’m afraid not :frowning:

The Taiga importer does not support the cloud version at this moment.